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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hat Austrian Grenadiers

Waiting from my first sets to come, i got back in time when i was only painting, and i enjoyed this time. Now something about this set: it is definitively not the HAT standard. I believe is made for fast painters, probably very easy with black priming, but not very fancy for detail painters, the undercuts fillings are really taking away a lot of details, like in the shoulders where the greatcoat is, and the flesh very difficult to take away so i gave up and painted them with it on.

I think i did my best and after all the effect is no too bad, Hat forgiven though .......


  1. Really well painted grenadiers. I really like the painting.

  2. I like them. a nice set by the looks of them... I recently bought the HaT Wurttenburg set and will soon paint them up. sadly their grenediers only number 16 with 4 NCO's what a stupid ratio?

    anyway your austrians look good

  3. I can't tell from these pictures what's wrong, dude. Not only do the figures look very, very good, but your photography does them possibly more than justice: excellent pics. i recently bought a pack of Austrian Grenzers (to round out and finish off my metal army). If they turn out anything more than half as well as your grenadiers, I shall be pleased indeed!

  4. They are just excellent painted Francesco!