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Monday, February 22, 2016

French Pontonniers Masters ready

The French Pontonniers are finally made : from an initial idea of 12 figures i ended up in 30 ! I studied several documents  and iconography , and came out with 4 teams each one related with different tasks. Team 1 Carrying the beams; Team 2 Building the bridge; Team 3 On the Pontoon boat, Team 4 Wading the river. Plus a command team with 3 officers, a NCO and 2 sentinels. Finally i added a Bonus set to go with the whole group with 2 ADCs, 2 Train drivers and accessories.

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  1. blimey they had to wade out there naked. I suppose on some fronts that would have been fine at certain times of year but on others... well that'd be rather chilly I think. Sadly the invention of the wetsuit couldn't come soon enough.