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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

28mm horse

Yes I did it!!!
My first attempt in sculpting 28mm went smooth, it is much easy than 1/72 scale, you can have more room for details, i compared with a Perry infantryman, which is scale 1/58, or 28mm on eyes line; and it fit enough.
as i compared with a Perry cuirassier heavy horse the head is quite smaller, while the body fits, other quality is that the legs of mine are slimmer, anyway  i know what to adjust for the next.


  1. Looking fantastic and your style etc would be a great addition to the 28mm market.You do a fantastic neapolitan flagtop finial that cant be gotten in 28mm by any manufacturer. Id love to see a good urat model as no-one has gotten the dshing spirit of the man. Peter

  2. I love your work in 1/72; no reason to see why your 28mm should not be great either. Excellent work.