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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

28mm Napoleon

Here my first attempt on 28mm sculpting, due to a suggestion of a fellow forum member in TMP,
 the horse (which went out a bit too small compared to a Perry cuirassiers heavy one) coud fit perfectly the size of the Emperor mount, so i tried my luck with him.
Result : not yet proportioned, i need to shorten the neck, and see if the hat is enough low on the head.... and the figure is a bit smaller than a Perry one, although i used a very precise proportion (1/58 scale or 28mm eyes line)
any comment is welcome.


  1. Brilliant! Is this a one-off, or are you branching out into 28mm as well as 1/72nd?

  2. This is the first attempt on this scale, the sculpting technique differs from 1/72 so it is a new learning process; I would like to do something in 28mm too, i'm thinking on spare horses because the one in the market are not so exciting..... If i complete this Napoleon one, and it is well shaped and proportioned, i will produce it.

  3. Shame on you, wrong scale.... But like it anyhowe!

  4. Really nice - you could make a miniature a bit bigger (28mm is 1/56 :), also a head can be 1/6 of a body - but from the other hand - that one looks realistic. Great!

  5. Excellent work!!! Can't wait to see him finished.