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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A great book on Waterloo

I got this book from my best friend, and i was amazed!!! I read many many books and reports about Waterloo, and i must say that i always found 2 vision, almost always opposite: the pro Napoleon one starting from the Emperor itself ,passing from Gourgaud etc  which try to say that the loss has nothing to do with the superiority or the best performance and decisions of the enemies , and the pro British one which paint the french army as professionally not matching the british courage and organization.
And finally i had a picture of the battle as i believe really was, a struggle against the best army of the world, the french one, with yet the best commander , Napoleon, an army very very murderous, and the victory of the alleys because of the british courage and training which helped them to resist and the right coordination with the Blucher army. The bok is a wonderful melting pot of anecdotes and memories from all the sides and give the idea of a chaotic slaughter.
the last thing i would comment is about the cavalry charge on the british squares, wich appears completely different from the institutional story build up in the victorian time.

 Alessandro Barbero "The Battle"

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  1. I've got this book and, like you, found it to be a very fair, unbiased version of events. I think it benefits being written by an Italian; you can't say he has any vested national interest in the story!