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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rests of English soldier found in holland

Last week the rest of a British soldier was found in the dunes near Den Helder, the researchers identified it as a casualty of the "Forgotten War" fought against the Batavian Republic in 1799.
An expeditionary combined force anglo-Russian tried a landing in the dunes of holland in 1799 and was defeated, some sources count more that 3000 casualties in the campaign days.
The body was found in the dunes and the researchers found some possible names which could belong to the rests: Nathaniel Haines, Thomas Tailor, William Turner,Thomas Athorne, James Asquith, Rob Gaul who died in that area the 27th August 1799, from a button found near the skeleton it seems that the soldier belonged to the Coldstream Guards.

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